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Food for thought…

In 1914, the Smith-Lever Act created an incredible system that would connect federal, state, and county levels of government to help provide funding and knowledge on a university level to rural Americans. Since the beginning, this has been the goal of extension agencies everywhere.

Fast-forward to 2018. We are now living in a world where there is an abundance of knowledge right at our fingertips. Literally. Our knowledge has grown exponentially and so have our means of reaching the public. So here at UGA Food Science and Technology Extension, we have decided to extend our part in providing the knowledge and understanding of food science through this blog.

But wait… You know what extension is… what is food science extension?


The University of Georgia’s Extension Food Science Department exists to bring information about the advances in food science to a more common audience by interpreting it and delivering the information in a way that everyone can understand. We, as a department, are here to offer an array of services and continuing education to everyone from emerging food businesses to various members of the industry. Our goal in creating this blog is to reach more people than ever before about the amazing advances in the food world and to share everything that our extension office has to offer. 
“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

We all enjoy food. Why not enjoy the science behind it too?

-Victoria Dees