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Starting a New Food Business in Georgia 2018

If you have Great-Grandma’s Secret Finger Lickin’ BBQ Sauce recipe that the whole world needs to try, then this workshop might be for you. If you’ve been perfecting pickled peaches for the past five years, then this workshop is probably for you. If you have an interesting food concept but aren’t sure what steps to take next, then this workshop is definitely for you.

UGA Extension Food Science organizes a workshop each year for the people of Georgia who would like to get more information on starting a new food business. This workshop covers various topics from Product Development to FDA Regulations to Economics.”Starting a New Food Business in Georgia” is the perfect workshop for anyone who is even considering bringing a product to market.

This year we worked with Fulton County Extension and FACS Agent Kristen Sumpter to bring our workshop to Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. We had a wide variety of attendees who came with a multitude of questions – good thing we had AWESOME speakers who were prepared with answers.

“Starting a New Food Business” spans over a period of two full days and is broken down into different sessions such as “Business Planning” and “Regulations & Food Safety Guidelines” during which our speakers give presentations and encourage those attending the workshop to start discussions on the topic. Another session we provide is the Roundtable Discussion – a favorite among all. We try to allot as much time as possible for our attendees to directly ask questions to a select panel of speakers who are extremely knowledgeable on all things small food business because they either A) own one or B) work with people who own one.

Our goal through this specific workshop is to give attendees as many resources as possible so that we can help them jump-start their journey to a food business with ease. Although it is our shortest workshop and extremely different from the others we hold, “Starting a New Food Business in Georgia” is a fun, information-packed course that deserves much recognition. As a branch of Extension, we strive to help those in the small business food industry of Georgia meet their goals, and we feel that offering this workshop is a great way to do that.

If you joined us this year, I hope we were able to help you in some way. Without you guys, none of this would be possible!

BUT If you didn’t and you’re one of those people that I listed above or if you just need to know where to start… keep an eye out on our Upcoming Events so you make sure you don’t miss out on “Starting a New Food Business 2019!”