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From the Desk of Dr. Mohan: Thinking Out Loud

Do you ever wonder about this new product called “clean meat?”

Can you imagine yourself buying one gram of meat for $40?

I wonder if CLEAN meat is a real big step towards the future or is it only here for a few publications and publicity? I have been to numerous slaughter houses in the country, and I have never found a single one of them to be “filthy” as people might describe. An animal slaughter house must look like a slaughter house – not our bedroom.

I am puzzled by scientific discoveries that only make me say “wow” but never make it in our daily life. Why do we waste so much effort, time, and human intelligence in figuring out things that can only lead to nowhere? To feed nine billion people by 2050, we may have to set up a gigantic meat production lab on the moon or Mars. I do not think that currently we have enough human power to produce so much clean meat without knowing what is CLEAN in this lab produced meat…

Just thinking out loud…

– Dr. Anand Mohan