Every year hundreds of 4th-12th graders in Georgia participate in 4-H Project Achievement. This public speaking contest allows youth to develop a project about a topic that they find interesting and highlight their accomplishments that relate to that topic. There are over fifty project areas in which youth can compete including: sports, history, environmental science, general recreation, health, outdoor recreation, performing arts, sports, and many more.   

Students competing at the 4th-6th grade level begin at the county level. This year, the county contest will be held at the Forsyth County Extension Office on January 24. Youth will present a 3–5-minute presentation on their chosen topic and the winners of each project area will advance to the district contest at Rock Eagle 4-H Center on February 18, 2023.    

The contest works a little differently for youth in 7th-12th grade. After selecting a project area they are interested in, young people create a portfolio. This two-page document highlights a 4-H’ers work over the last twelve months. A portfolio is broken down into different sections including main project work, sharing and helping, leadership activities, community service, other activities, and supporting materials. It allows youth to showcase all their activities in different clubs and organizations. After the portfolios are submitted, they are judged by University of Georgia Extension Staff from across the state.   

Youth then create a presentation related to their project area. For example, if a young person chose “Sports” as their project area, then the presentation can be about any topic related to sports. Oral presentations are presented using posters and props to a panel of judges. The length of the presentation is generally eight to ten minutes. However, there are several projects that do not require an oral presentation. Cooking projects that require young people to prepare a healthy dish or snack. Performing arts projects require a performance like singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument.  

This competition will take place at Rock Eagle 4-H Center March 3-5, 2023. Winners from all the project areas will be announced that weekend. The portfolio score is combined with the presentation score, and the overall total score determines the winner in each project area.  Senior 4-H’ers (9th-12th grade) that win at the district competition will have the opportunity to compete at State Congress, where they will compete against the winners from the other three districts to earn the title of Master 4-H’er.  

Preregistration for all grade levels is required. If your child would like to participate in this exciting contest, please email us at Forsyth.extension@uga.edu.  

All project achievement contests are free to participate in for Forsyth County youth thanks to a grant from by United Way of Forsyth County.   

For more information about registering to become a member of the local 4-H Program or how to get involved, please call the Forsyth County Extension / 4-H Office at 770-887-2418 or send an email to forsyth.extension@uga.edu. In Forsyth County, 4-H is supported by The University of Georgia, Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, Forsyth County Board of Education, and United Way of Forsyth County.