Carole Knight

  • Meet the Newest UGA Grass Masters Graduates

    The UGA Forage Team recently hosted the UGA GrassMasters series for Northeast Georgia at the UGA Livestock Instructional Arena in Athens. This was the second such program hosted by the Forage Team as part of a partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The goal of the program is to provide a more intensive series…

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  • Don’t Let Your Hay be a “Barn Burner”

    By Adam Speir Madison County CEC I always remember being at basketball games growing up and hearing that a close game by two very good teams would be called a “barn burner.” With hay season just around the corner, farmers have the very real risk of dealing with a “barn burner” of a different, more…

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  • Scratching Your Spring Fever Itch

    Should I start grazing my permanent pastures now? Care needs to be taken to avoid turning out too early. Grazing fescue before it has at least a good amount of growth (8”) will cost you 25-50% or more of your spring yield potential. Hammering bermudagrass just as it is waking up will also cost you 20-40%+…

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