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Rock House Creamery has issued a voluntary recall of their whole milk and buttermilk products. Products have been removed from stores. Consumers are urged to dispose of any of the following products:

  • Rock House Creamery whole milk with best buy dates of 9/10/2023, 9/17/2023, 9/20/2023, 9/24/2023, and 10/01/2023.
  • Rock House Creamery buttermilk with a best buy date of 10/02/2023.

Rock House Creamery voluntarily recalled these products following a routine inspection. The inspection found that pasteurization records were incomplete for select lots in September.

Visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture webpage to learn more about recalls in Georgia.

(Georgia Department of Agriculture, 2023)

Consumers should use the guide from The Partnership for Food Safety to learn more about food recalls .