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Update from Georgia Wildlife

Hunting and fishing licenses for Georgia residents are changing Saturday, July 1.

One key change is that the Wildlife Management Area license and the Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass, or GORP, will go the way of dinosaurs.

Instead, starting Saturday, hunting and fishing licenses will provide access to WMAs and Public Fishing Areas. A new Georgia Lands Pass will, too, at $30 a year for residents 16 and older and $60 for nonresidents.

But a hunting or fishing license is the better deal for Georgians and conservation. Here’s why:

An annual resident hunting or fishing license will cost only $15 a year. And each license bought makes the state eligible to receive more federal taxes paid by industries on sales of guns, bows, ammo, fishing tackle, some boat engines and small engine fuel. A “certified” hunting license has returned to Georgia as much as $50 and a fishing license $10 in federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration funds.

The money is used for wildlife management and conservation, such as improving habitats. Georgia was eligible for nearly $30 million in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration funds in fiscal 2017.

Do the numbers. A $30 Lands Pass offers 12 months’ worth of public lands access. For half the cost – $15 – a resident license holder enjoys a year of access plus hunting or fishing privileges, while returning to Georgia as much as $65 (for a hunting license) or $25 (fishing), including federal funds and the license sale.

The bottom line: A fishing or hunting license provides inexpensive access to state lands and it substantially improves the state’s ability to manage those lands for wildlife. Learn more at