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Lynne Hayes, Growing America, Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Today is your day, farmers and ranchers. How will you celebrate? Farm tours? Blogging? Facebook video? Striking up a conversation with that lady in the grocery line buying five rib eyes?

It’s National Agriculture Day 2017, and there’s no better opportunity to “school” your non-ag friends and family about what it is you do every day (and many, many nights) to help put food on their tables and fill their refrigerators.

Come to think of it, every day should be a celebration of what you do. But it’s not enough to pat each other on the back at your Farm Bureau meetings. You’ve got to spread the word today and all year long.

Be Your Own Ambassador

Food is central to our lives; nutritionally, important of course, but it also connects people emotionally and communally. People today, kids especially, are more curious than ever about where their food comes from and how it’s produced—and that makes you the greatest ambassador on the planet to help them understand how agriculture works.

This is a great opportunity for you to do a little grassroots public relations. Consider contacting your local schools, scouts, PTAs, church groups, etc. and offering to speak—you probably won’t have to prepare too much, because once you get past who you are and what you do, people will have plenty of questions.

Better yet, turn your operation into a classroom and set up a few tours at planting, harvest or milking time.

You’ve got a lot to be proud of, and plenty to talk about, and the more down to earth you are about your work, the better. Too many people have never seen a hen lay an egg (why aren’t they white and where is the chick?); stood in a wheat field (how do they make that into Lucky Charms?); watched a dairy cow get milked (wow, that’s a lot of machinery!); or know that sweet potatoes grow underground (yuck!).

Washington Celebrates

Now in its 44th year, National Ag Day is hosted by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA), an organization dedicated to increasing the public awareness of agriculture’s vital role in our society.

While you’re doing your part at home, ACA will be marking the day in a big way in our nation’s capital. The association will be hosting several events today including a breakfast event at the National Press Club, as well as a Taste of Agriculture Celebration on the Hill. One hundred college students will also be in town to deliver the message of Ag Day and promoting its theme, “Agriculture: Food For Life.”

Events are also planned around the country with ag associations, corporations, students and government organizations expected to participate and celebrate, all to remind everyone in the U.S. how important agriculture is to all of our lives.

Want to learn more? Visit www.agday.org.

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