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2016 Record – Domestic Red Meat Production topped 50 billion pounds…..

Who says “Eat Mo Chicken”?  The beef industry hit a 50 billion pound record in 2016!

U.S. red meat and pork production hit record monthly levels in December. Beef came out at 2.173 billion pounds, up 6%, with a monthly slaughter of 2.612 million head, 7% higher, and an average live weight of 1,381 pounds, down 7 on the year.

Pork was reported at 2.209 billion pounds, a slight month to month increase, the kill of 10.466 million head was 1% higher and the average live weight of 283 pounds was 2 pounds lighter.

December 2016’s red meat production totaled 4.402 billion pounds, up 3% from December 2015. Domestic red meat production in 2016 topped 50 billion pounds, up 4% from the 2015 total. 

For the year, beef production was up 6%, pork was 2% higher, veal was down 9%, and lamb and mutton was slightly lower.