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Monarch Mayhem Part 2

Our caterpillars have all pupated!  The monarch chrysalis is beautiful, a pale green with gold trim.  Sparkly gold, not flat and dull.IMG_3490IMG_3483

This is what they look like right before they transform.  This photo was taken Friday.


The others all pupated over the weekend.  It took about 8 days from the time they hatched.  Really fast!


Other exciting news, our tagging kit came in the mail today! There are 25 tiny stickers, each with a distinct number.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but you can see what they look like below.  When our butterflies emerge, we’ll place one sticker on each butterfly in a specific spot on the wing.  It doesn’t impede flight and is safe for the butterfly.  We record data for each butterfly including tag number, date, Male/Female, and location.  We send this spreadsheet to the Monarch Watch organization.  Ideally, our tagged monarchs are recovered, either in the US or Mexico.  The recovery data is matched to our tagging data and used to learn more about migration patterns, mortality, and numbers.  The data is actually available on the Monarch Watch website:


Hopefully we will find out where some of our monarchs migrate to!