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2015 Feral Swine Survey – Press Release

I received the following this morning. Keep in mind, these surveys were sent out randomly and not everyone will receive one. If you do, however, PLEASE take the time to fill it out and send it back in. PRESS RELEASE 2015 Georgia Feral Swine survey. The UGA Warnell School of…
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Renovating Abandoned Pecan Orchards – Lenny Wells

One question that I encounter quite often is “Can an old abandoned pecan orchard be brought back into production?”. The answer to this question is “absolutely”—and it may not take as long as you think. It will ; however, require a little work and money. The first thing I always…
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2015 Pecan Production

We are beginning to get some calls concerning the upcoming Pecan production year. While we are not hosting a Pecan meeting in Dooly County this year, there are several in neighboring counties that you will be welcome to attend. They are scheduled as follows: Feb. 3         Peach County Feb. 10      …
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Pecan Growers – Managing Ambrosia Beetles

UGA Extension Entomologist Will Hudson  offers the following advice for managing ambrosia beetles: Most Georgia pecan growers with newly planted trees suffered at least some damage from ambrosia beetles last year.  I don’t know if this year will be as bad, since we hadn’t seen that level of beetle activity…
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2015 Production Meetings and Training Opportunities

Below are a listing of upcoming trainings and production meetings. Please contact the Dooly County Extension Office if you have any questions.  Dooly Co. Production Meetings DATE                                                                                        LOCATION Jan 21    5:00 pm Supper     Peanut Production Meeting                 Marise Restaurant Feb 09    8 am Breakfast       Cotton Production Meeting      …
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2015 UGA Wheat Production Guide Now Available

The updated Wheat production guide is now available online here. Per Dr. Culpepper – Rye grass control applications need to be made within one week of Christmas AT THE LATEST in order to provide adequate control. If rye grass is not controlled by then, it will remain a persistent problem…
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Nematode Sampling and Procedure

There is still time in October and November to take nematode samples for cotton, peanut, and soybeans.  Below is information on the procedures to follow. Nematode Sampling Procedure Properly taken samples from small field units can reduce production costs by allowing the grower to eliminate nematode control practices where they…
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Area Forest Management Meeting

Due to the positive outlook for timber prices over the next few years, the Dooly County Extension Office will be hosting an area forest management meeting at Marise Country Cooking in Vienna on October 23 at 6:30 pm. Dr. Ben Jackson from UGA’s Warnell School of Forest Resources will be…
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Late Season Pecan Issues and Shuck Split

    From Dr. Lenny Wells – I’ve had a number of calls this week about various worries and issues as harvest approaches. Most of it has centered around leaf scorching, poor foliage condition and whether or not to spray for aphids at this point. Overall, foliage condition for 2014…
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