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Peanut – Thrips Control Options

After two seasons of relatively heavy and late thrips pressure in Georgia, it is understandable that growers are asking questions about thrips management options for 2015. The most common questions involve the use of imidacloprid (Admire Pro or a generic formulation) as a liquid in-furrow at plant. Here are a…
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Warrant Herbicide Peanut Label Changes

Latest changes in the Warrant/Peanut label. Please note the following important changes: 1) Preplant soil incorporated (PPI) applications together with Prowl, Sonalan, or Strongarm are not recommended due to the increased risk for crop injury and reduced weed control. 2) POST applications of Warrant can be made after peanut emergence…
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Georgia 12 Y Peanut

Georgia-12Y Georgia-12Y has the highest level of white mold resistance of any runner variety available today. Georgia-12Y is more susceptible to Rhizoctonia Limb Rot and fungicide programs need to be adjusted accordingly. Maturity of Georgia-12Y is 5 to 14 Days (145-155 DAP) longer than Georgia-06G. Please see figures below. I…
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Peanut Pointers

Finish soil sampling. Do not ignore deficiencies or toxicity problems. This will reduce yield and profit. This will be more of a problem where growers are renting new land and may not know much of the rotation or fertility history. Germination Issues: Save about a pound of seed out of each lot…
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Peanut Seed Size

 Why does it matter what peanut seed size is?  Well, it matters to the shelling plant so they can set equipment and make plans. It matters to the candy makers. It matters to farmers, now, as we plan on the amount of seed to plant. We know that we want…
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Wheat Leaf Rust Found in Mitchell County

  1. Leaf rust of wheat. Leaf rust (Puccinia triticina syn P. recondita) has been reported and confirmed by Andy Shirley (CAE Mitchell county) in commercial wheat fields. While the incidence appears to be localized, recent weather patterns observed in the southern US can contribute to the dispersal and establishment of the disease. Additionally, favorable environmental conditions for…
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Fertilization Requirements of Young Pecan Trees

  This is some good, timely information from our Pecan specialist Lenny Wells. Most soils on which new pecan orchards are established here in Georgia are old row crop fields or cleared pine land. In the case of row crop fields, soil levels of P and K may be in…
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4H Camp at Tybee Island June 1-5

Dooly County has a few spaces available for 4-H Summer Camp for 4th,  5th and 6th grade 4-H’ers. This year we will be camping at Camp Burton on Tybee Island, GA from June 1-June 5. Virtually anyone can attend camp at Camp Burton. For some 4-H’ers, summer camp is their only involvement…
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Feral Swine Update – H.B. 475

Click on the picture to view video.   House Bill 475 wants to take care of wild hog problem. They’re ravaging crops, and they’re chomping into farmers’ wallets too. Fiesty feral hogs are causing millions of dollars in damage to farms across the state. “They got in there and tore…
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