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Wheat Leaf Rust Found in Mitchell County

  1. Leaf rust of wheat. Leaf rust (Puccinia triticina syn P. recondita) has been reported and confirmed by Andy Shirley (CAE Mitchell county) in commercial wheat fields. While the incidence appears to be localized, recent weather patterns observed in the southern US can contribute to the dispersal and establishment of the disease. Additionally, favorable environmental conditions for…
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Stagonospora Leaf/Glume Blotch

  Late yesterday, Ronnie and I were called to check a wheat field for Stagonospora. Stagonospora Leaf/Glume blotch is a fungal disease that appears as a brown lesion surrounded by a yellow halo on the lower leaves of the plant. Sometimes a black spore-producing structure is visible. Lower leaves are…
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Wheat Foliar Disease Update

Just a quick update on wheat leaf rust: leaf rust was observed on an early-planted, highly susceptible variety in the UGA CAES Southwest Georgia Research and Education Center in Plains GA on April 2. There are no indications or reports of wheat leaf rust in other areas of GA. However,…
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