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Sugarcane Aphids Present in Tifton Fields

Dr. Mike Toews reported today that he has had no problem locating small populations of sugarcane aphids in grain sorghum test plots around Tifton. Sugarcane aphids have also been found in fields in Calhoun, Miller, Mitchell, and Grady counties. They can be distinguished from other species of aphids by their smooth…
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Soybean Caterpillar Scouting

Soybean Caterpillars I know many of you have sprayed soybeans with Dimilin and Boron.  Dimilin is good for green clover worms and velvetbean caterpillar but does not control soybean loopers.   We’ve had a few show up, but UGA Soybean Entomologist thinks that more soybean looppers are on the way.   That said, we…
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Feral Swine Update – H.B. 475

Click on the picture to view video.   House Bill 475 wants to take care of wild hog problem. They’re ravaging crops, and they’re chomping into farmers’ wallets too. Fiesty feral hogs are causing millions of dollars in damage to farms across the state. “They got in there and tore…
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2015 Feral Swine Survey – Press Release

I received the following this morning. Keep in mind, these surveys were sent out randomly and not everyone will receive one. If you do, however, PLEASE take the time to fill it out and send it back in. PRESS RELEASE 2015 Georgia Feral Swine survey. The UGA Warnell School of…
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Feral Swine Eradication Project

I have been given the opportunity to begin a feral swine research project here in Dooly County. Over the next few months we are hoping to find several sites with EXTREME feral swine damage, determine the best methods for eradication on each site, and remove the nuisance animals, documenting each…
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White Sugarcane Aphid Found in Dooly County

As of this morning, we have confirmed White Sugarcane Aphid on sorghum in Dooly County. Below is some information on this pest, and a copy of the section 18 for Transform insecticide.   NEW APHID PEST OF SORGHUM DISCOVERED IN GEORGIA David Buntin, Grain Crop Entomologist A new aphid, the…
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Peanut Insect Update

Entomology (Mark Abney) Three cornered alfalfa hopper, two spotted spider mite, foliage feeding caterpillars, potato leaf hopper, and lesser cornstalk borer…we have some of all of them, and growers across the state have been treating problem fields. It is important to note that caterpillar populations are variable, and not all…
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