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Peanut White Mold

A White Mold update from Dr. Bob Kemerait: As of today, 8 August, I am receiving at least one, and usually more, reports of white mold daily.  Today alone I have had reports from Shane Curry, Appling County, Scott Carlson, Tift County, and Dr. Albert Culbreath.  Unfortunately for the grower in…
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Peanut Harvest and Cold Temperatures

Temperatures in the lower 40’s and upper 30’s several consecutive mornings will shut down the peanut maturity process. And as we move to the end of October and early November the chance of frost increases, too.   Following are a few tips on peanut harvest and cold temperatures:   When fields…
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Mid Season Peanut Irrigation

Here is an update from UGA Extension Irrigation Specialist Dr. Wesley Porter: Our ample rainfall seemed to stop early later in May and into June. With the lack of rainfall we also had an excess of heat. Typically, peanuts do not require much water early in the season, but the lack…
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Calcium Requirements for Peanuts

When we switched from growing small-seeded Georgia Green to large-seeded Georgia 06G we really thought we would need to increase our gypsum or calcium recommendations.  But after years of research we concluded that the recommendations didn’t need to change.  You can still use a pegging soil sample ( 3 inches…
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Peanut Disease Control Tips for June

Thanks to Dr. Bob Kemerait for this update: For many peanut growers, fungicide applications for the management of leaf spot and soilborne diseases begin in the month of June.  As with disease management for all crops, initiating fungicide applications before disease becomes established is critical for the overall success of…
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