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Cotton Fertilization

Cotton Fertilization With cotton prices expected to be lower than normal this year, it is even more important to follow a sound fertilizer and liming program that is based on good soil sampling. Liming on time (at least 3 months ahead of planting) and where needed is the first step…
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Dooly County Cotton Production Update

Dooly County Cotton Production Update January 25, 2016 8:00 a.m. Breakfast Marise Country Cooking – Vienna     Agenda        8 a.m. Breakfast Welcome – Ronnie Barentine Pesticide License and Signup Sheet – Jay Porter Speakers Dr. Stanley Culpepper – Variety and Weed Control Dr. Bob Kemerait – Disease Control Dr….
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Peanut Harvest and Cold Temperatures

Temperatures in the lower 40’s and upper 30’s several consecutive mornings will shut down the peanut maturity process. And as we move to the end of October and early November the chance of frost increases, too.   Following are a few tips on peanut harvest and cold temperatures:   When fields…
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When To Stop Cotton Irrigation

About this time each year I begin to get questions on when to stop irrigating cotton.  Through the years I have recommended that growers evaluate the field when bolls begin to crack.  If there is good soil moisture at this time, then this is a good time to stop.  If not I would suggest one…
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Soybean Caterpillar Scouting

Soybean Caterpillars I know many of you have sprayed soybeans with Dimilin and Boron.  Dimilin is good for green clover worms and velvetbean caterpillar but does not control soybean loopers.   We’ve had a few show up, but UGA Soybean Entomologist thinks that more soybean looppers are on the way.   That said, we…
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Leaf Spots on Cotton

There doesn’t seem to be any major issues with target spot in cotton, but I do get few calls on various spot that occur.  Following is a sampling of the leaf spots that you may see in the field and management. Stemphyllium Leaf Spot The underlying cause of this disease is…
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