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Peanut Pointers

  1. Finish soil sampling. Do not ignore deficiencies or toxicity problems. This will reduce yield and profit. This will be more of a problem where growers are renting new land and may not know much of the rotation or fertility history.
  2. Germination Issues: Save about a pound of seed out of each lot you plant. The sample can be used later to help diagnose potential germination issues.  Samples will need to be kept in a cool place until plants stands are assessed.  After stands are assessed, the 1 pound samples can be used for germination tests or properly discarded.
  3. With Germination in mind, in some areas of the state growers are planting 170 to 200 lbs of Georgia-06G to get 5 to 6 plants up in their fields.  This seems excessive.  We need to determine if this is a seed quality issue or planting issues.
  4. Do not plant in April until 4” soil temperatures reach 68 degrees for 3 to 4 consecutive days with no severe cool snaps expected within 5 days.
  5. Clean and calibrate In furrow equipment for inoculants and insecticides.