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Georgia 12 Y Peanut


  • Georgia-12Y has the highest level of white mold resistance of any runner variety available today.
  • Georgia-12Y is more susceptible to Rhizoctonia Limb Rot and fungicide programs need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Maturity of Georgia-12Y is 5 to 14 Days (145-155 DAP) longer than Georgia-06G. Please see figures below.
    • I would plant Georgia-12Y in late April or early May.
    • Based on the planting date trials, Georgia-12Y may not reach its full yield potential when planted in mid to late May. This really depends on late season temperatures and rain.
  • Georgia-12Y can have a denser canopy than Georgia-06G.
  • At harvest, make sure peanut combines are set up correctly. There has been some concern of increased LSKs with Georgia-12Y.