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2015 Pecan Production

We are beginning to get some calls concerning the upcoming Pecan production year. While we are not hosting a Pecan meeting in Dooly County this year, there are several in neighboring counties that you will be welcome to attend. They are scheduled as follows:

Feb. 3         Peach County

Feb. 10       Wilcox/Pulaski County

Feb. 19        Houston County

March 9      Crisp County

March 11     Macon County

March 12    Sumter County

If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, contact that counties extension office for details.

I have also added a link to the UGA Pecan Spray Guide to the Dooly County Extension Blog homepage, or you can access it here.

Another great resource to have on hand is the Southeastern Pecan Growers Handbook. The handbook is a joint publication by UGA, Auburn and the USDA, and covers every aspect of Pecan production from orchard establishment to harvesting and grading. The handbook is $30.00, and can be purchased either online here, or by contacting the extension office.