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Tissue sampling for Corn production

Corn planting is underway so now is a good time to start thinking about tissue sampling. Plant tissue sampling should be used in tandem with soil sampling to determine:

(1) Whether essential elements are present in low, adequate or excessive amounts in the plant and;

(2) Whether the proper ratio of certain elements exists.

It is advisable to take plant samples throughout the growing season to monitor nutrient status and detect any deficiencies or imbalances. What actually gets into the plant is really what counts most. If a deficiency or imbalance is detected early enough, it can usually be corrected in time to improve yield.

In corn there are 3 times to do tissue analysis.

1. Seedling stage (all of the above ground corn) 15-20 plants

2. Prior to tasselling (the first fully developed leaf just below the whorl) 15-20 leaves

3. From tasselling and shooting to silking (the entire leaf at the ear node or immediately above or below) 15-20 leaves

The 2014 Georgia Corn Production Guide is available online by clicking here.

If you have any questions about tissue sampling, please contact the Dooly County Extension office.