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Pigweed Control in Cotton/Herbicide Protection

Mr. Ronnie sent this out previously in an email, but I wanted to make sure everyone had access to it.

In case you did not get a copy, attached is the 2014 UGA Programs for Controlling Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Cotton.

I would like to encourage you to follow this guideline as close as possible. Not just for the present, but for the future of weed control in cotton. It is very important to protect the herbicides we use in cotton. If guidelines are not followed, it could very well affect your ability to grow cotton in the future. This is especially true with the use of “Liberty” herbicide. Please pay close attention to page 2 of this document entitled “Protect Liberty: Your Ability to Grow Cotton in the Future May Depend On It.”

It is also very important to apply pre-plant and pre-emergent herbicides. Applying them will greatly enhance weed control, preserve herbicides for the future, and save you dollars in the long run. This best way to control pigweed is to never let them come up!

There is also some very good information in this bulletin on avoiding herbicide injury to cotton that will be helpful to you as well.

Very much thanks goes to Dr. Stanley Culpepper, Jeremy Kichler, and Dr. Alan York for their research and this bulletin.

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