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Corn Production Update


The majority of corn in Dooly County should be between V1 and V3 stage.

At this growth stage, there are a few things that we want to focus on.

Disease – Fortunately, if your corn is already planted, you are ahead of the game on disease. Corn planted in March or early April is less likely to be severely affected by disease than corn planted later. Although the best time for a fungicide application to manage southern corn leaf blight isn’t until the V8-V10 stage, now is a good time to start thinking about it. Shorter corn rotations, planting susceptible corn varieties, plentiful moisture, and a later planting date are all factors that could lead to a fungicide program being more beneficial. All corn growers who produce their crop under irrigation (or when rainfall is plentiful) should recognize the potential benefits from protecting their crop with a fungicide program. Though UGA Extension recommendations do not call for a blanket fungicide application on every field of corn in the state, it is recommended that all corn growers consider the opportunity for such. Think of fungicides on early planted corn as insurance, and on late planted corn as an investment.

Insects – There’s not much to focus on with insects this early in the season. Insect control in seedling stage corn is primarily conducted by your varieties’ Bt traits and your seed treatment or at-plant insecticide application. It is important to check your corn at this stage for insects and/or plant damage. If insects are present, heavy damage to the young seedlings can occur in 2 to 3 days if not controlled.

Weed control – Most corn fields that we have seen in Dooly County look pretty clean at roughly 28 days after planting. If you have started with a clean field, then you are already moving in the right direction. This early in the season it is important to remember that there is still time to plan on making herbicide applications over the top. Remember that different herbicides can be used for broadcast applications at different growth stages.

I apologize that this table is a little busy, but it is a good tool to use for making herbicide selections throughout the season.


 Table 1.  Times of Application/PHI for Postemergence Herbicide Labeled for Use in Field.


 Herbicide Field Corn Stage of Growth PHI(DAYS) Grazing, Feed, Forage, Hay, Silage Interval (days)
Earliest Latest
Accent Q 1-2 leaf 20” or V620-36” or V10 – drops 30
Aim spike V8V8-14 leaf collars – drops 14 leaf collars 14
Atrazine PPI/PRE 12” grazing=21forage=60
Basagran 1-2 leaf NL 12
Callisto pre 30” tall or 8 leaf stage 45 45
Capreno V1 V6V6-V7- drops 45
Clarity 1-2 leaf 5th leaf or 8” tall8-36” tall drops
Dual Magnum PPI/PRE 40” tall 30
ET Spike V4V4-V8 – drops 90 50
Halex GT Spike 30” or V8 45 45
Impact/Armezon spike ?? 45 45
Laudis 1-2 leaf V8 45
Liberty spike 24” or V724-36” – drops 70 60
Prowl H20 spike 30” or V8 21
Realm Q 1-2 leaf 20” or V7 70 45
Resolve Q 1-2 leaf 20” or V7 30
Roundup spike 30” or V830-48” – drops 50 50
Sandea/Permit spike layby 30
Status V2 5th leaf or 8”8-36” or V10 – drops 72 32
Steadfast Q 1-2 leaf 20” or V6 30
Warrant spike 24”24-30” – drops 40
Zidua spike V4

1NL = none specifically listed on the label.

Also keep in mind that certain formulations of glyphosate are not currently labeled for use on RR corn hybrids. Corn growers should check with their seed salesman to determine if their planted hybrids are RR or RR2 before making a POST application of glyphosate.The following is a summary of various glyphosate products that can be used on glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrids:

Glyphosate Formulation  Manufacturer Product  Rate/A (ozs) RR Corn Hybrids RR2 Corn Hybrids
0.75 lb ae 1.12 lb ae
Buccaneer Plus Tenkoz 32 48 Yes Yes
Credit 41 Extra NuFarm 32 48 Yes Yes (?)*
Gly Star Plus Albaugh 32 48 Yes Yes
Gly-4 Plus UCPA 32 48 Yes Yes (?)*
Glyfos X-tra Cheminova 32 48 Yes Yes
Honcho Plus Monsanto 32 48 No Yes
Roundup PowerMax Monsanto 22 32 No Yes
Roundup WeatherMax Monsanto 22 32 No Yes
Touchdown HiTech Syngenta 19 29 Yes Yes
Touchdown Total Syngenta 23 34 Yes Yes

*These generic labels make no specific distinction between RR and RR2 hybrids.  

Thanks to Dr. Eric Prostko for the charts used in this post.

If you have any questions concerning your corn crop, please contact the Dooly County Extension office.