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Continued Farm Bill Updates

One of the most pressing issues this growing season is the implementation of the 2014 Farm bill. Although we have already had our Dooly County Farm bill educational meeting, there will be several more opportunities to get information from UGA extension about how this new legislation will affect producers and landowners. Currently there are 6 meetings scheduled which will feature University of Georgia agricultural economists Don Shurley and Nathan Smith. The meetings will cover such topics as PLC (Price Loss Coverage), ARC (Agricultural Risk Coverage), Update/Reallocation and Crop Base Decisions, Payment Yield Update Decisions, Generic Base Decisions, Cotton Transition Assistance, Marketing Loan, STAX (Stacked Income Protection For Cotton) and SCO (Supplemental Coverage Option). The meeting schedule is as follows:


Friday, April 4, 9:30am
GA/FLA Tobacco Exchange
199 Tobacco Lane

Monday, April 7, 9:30am
Cloud Livestock Facility Classroom
1300 East River Road

Tuesday, April 8, 9:30am
UGA Tifton Conference Center
15 RDC Road

Thursday, April 10, 12 noon
Burke County Office Park
715 West 6th Street

Friday, April 11, 12 noon
Captains Corner Restaurant
201 Stockyard Road

Monday, April 14, 9:30am
Sumter County Extension Office
127 William Bowen Pointe

All 9:30 meetings will begin with biscuits and coffee, followed by a two hour program and lunch before they adjourn. Noon meetings will begin with lunch, followed by a two hour program, and will adjourn at 2:30. If you plan to attend, please contact us here at the extension office and we will forward your RSVP to the appropriate location.