Trying to decide if a degree in Animal Science or Dairy Science or Both is right for you?  Curious what we do here in the Animal and Dairy Science Department at UGA?  Wondering what farms and animals you would get to work with should you choose to join the Animal and Dairy Science Department?  If you said YES or even MAYBE to one of these questions, you need to join us for Animal Science in Action.  Scheduled for May 30th – 31st, this two day event will allow you to meet the faculty, staff, and animals of the Animal and Dairy Science department.  Not only that, you will get hands on experience with what everyday classes would look like should you choose to major in Animal and/or Dairy Science.

Come learn what all this great department has to offer and the abundant opportunities our major prepare you for – from jobs to veterinary or graduate school!

Find out more at:

Animal Science in Action

Application deadline is May 1st.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

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