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Changes to the Georgia National Fair Dairy Cattle Shows

The Georgia National Fair made a few changes this year to the COMMERCIAL DAIRY HEIFER show rules to expand the age ranges eligible for showing.  This change is to allow for the increase in show numbers as well as allow young people some initial showing/work with project animals for the upcoming Junior Livestock Show program/year.  This change will allow heifers born between March 1st, 2017 to August 1st, 2018.  With the potential to show younger calves this year, the minimum weight for calves is 100 pounds.  The maximum stayed the same as with previous years of 1,250 pounds.


The Georgia National Fair made a few changes this year to the PUREBRED dairy cattle show schedule in an effort to streamline the show and respond to the requests from last year’s exhibitors meeting.  New this year is the fact that the Junior and Open classes will show together!  This means one day less in the barn and one less day to bag cows if you’ve shown Junior and Open previously.  With this revision to the show schedule, all heifers will show on Friday, October 12th (2:00 PM).  Junior Showmanship will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, October 13th with cow classes following at 2:00 PM.  Entry deadline remains the same at September 1st and online.



To see the show schedule, please click HERE

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