Georgia 4-H MilkMake Recipe Contest

Shared from Cheryl R. Varnadoe

“The Georgia 4-H MilkMake Recipe Contest is a food and nutrition recipe contest for 4-H’ers sponsored by the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association (SUDIA). Through this contest, 4-H’ers will learn more about the nutritional value and versatility of milk while creating recipes for milk drinks including milk shakes and smoothies.

This year – for the first time – the 4-H MilkMake Recipe Contest will be offered for both grades 4 – 6 (Cloverleaf) 4-H’ers and for grades 7 – 8 (Junior) 4-H’ers! Three t-shirt awards will be provided for the top three county level winners in each age division and small prizes from SUDIA for up to fifty county participants will be provided for up to 70 counties. Counties may also print 4-H MilkMake certificates for every participant at the 4-H awards certificate website.”

If you are interested in participating in this contest, make sure you contact your county office!!!