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Southeast Quality Milk Initiative Meeting – Don’t Miss Out

Maintaining milk quality in the Southeast has always been a daunting task when confronted with months of high temperatures and humidity.  The Southeast Quality Milk Initiative (SQMI) was formed with three primary missions in mind:

  • Cost effective mastitis prevention and control strategies for the southeast region for: higher milk quality, increased milk production, and improved profitability.
  • To benefit dairy producers in the southeast and enhance the sustainability of the dairy industry in this region.
  • A collaborative outreach, educational, and applied research program on mastitis control by milk quality professionals from six Land-Grant Universities in the SE

With collaborators from the University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, University of Georgia, Mississippi State University, University and Virginia Tech, this group of leaders in mastitis control and prevention provide numerous resources for producers across the southeast as they tackle the task of providing high quality milk.

Coming up in November, the SQMI group will hold their annual meeting in Tifton, GA.  In this two day program, producers, students, and industry affiliates are invited to visit, learn, and share about milk quality in the region.

For more information on SQMI, please visit

To learn more about the annual meeting held November 16th and 17th, please either visit:

or reference the brochure by clicking HERE