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UGA Dairy Employee wins UGA’s and Southern Regional’s Student Employee of the Year!!!

What a tremendous time for the UGA Dairy Science Program.  It seems as though every time we look, a new award, a new honor, a new event or recognition to be proud of.  What we learn through all of this is that a great program is made by great students.  We are fortunate at UGA to have so many great students currently interested in or actively pursuing careers in the dairy industry.  One of our star students is Ms. Kayla Alward.  She has a lot of skills and accomplishments to brag about but this latest is going to be cake topper.  She currently lives and works at the UGA Teaching Dairy where she serves as our Calf Manager among other responsibilities.  She was just named UGA’s Student Employee of the Year.  This is HUGE because UGA has over 6,000 student employees.  As if that wasn’t enough, Kayla was also named the Southern Region’s Student Employee of the Year by the Southern Association of Student Employment Administrators (SASEA).  In my (Jillian Bohlen) letter of nomination I started with the following…

Kayla is an invaluable asset to the UGA Dairy Farm. Working on a livestock production unit while a full time student poses its challenges. Animals do not always know when class time is, if you have a big exam the next day, or that smelling like a farm is difficult to explain on the campus bus. As a student employee on these operations, you have an additional level of responsibility. Your responsibility is not only to your supervisor, but also to the animals that depend on you daily for their food, health, and welfare. Kayla has never let her supervisors or the animals she cares for down. She’s always dependable, conscientious, and dedicated to her work. Many nominators for this award likely speak the same of their student employees. Where Kayla differs is the extra mile she has gone to better herself, the animals, and the farm through her student employment…Kayla, is an employee that sacrifices not out of “have to” but “want to”. These animals are her passion, their livelihood her responsibility, and the opportunity to work for and with them, her dream. 

We could not be prouder of Kayla and what her accomplishment means for not only herself, but the UGA Dairy, and the Dairy Science Program.  Way to go, Kayla!!