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Results of the Georgia 4-H State Dairy Judging Contest

Courtesy of Heather Shultz, GA 4-H Program Extension Specialist – Livestock

The 2016 Georgia 4-H State Dairy Judging Contest was held at the UGA Livestock Arena on Friday, March 25th.  43 Juniors (11 Teams) and 26 Seniors (6 Teams) participated in the contest.

Results from the Junior State Dairy Judging Contest:

Top five Junior individuals:

  1. Gabrielle Ralston, Gordon Co., 273
  2. Sarah Ullom, Coweta Co., 268
  3. Jennifer Brinton, Coweta Co., 266
  4. Michael Whitlock, Coweta Co., 255
  5.  Joshua Carr, Gordon Co., 249

Top five Junior team results:

  1. Coweta Co. Team A, 789
  2. Gordon Co., 764
  3. Burke Co., 726
  4. Coweta Co. Team B, 696
  5.  Gilmer Co., 689


The first place Coweta Co., Team A team members are:  Sarah Ullom, Jennifer Brinton, Michael Whitlock and Alexa Hillebrand.  Gordon County placed second and team members are:  Gabrielle Ralston, Joshua Carr, Jazmine Ralston and Bryson Smith.  Burke County placed third and team members are:  May Helen Coble, Addalyn Steinseifer, Meredith Watson and Abby Joyner.


Results from the Senior State Dairy Judging Contest:


Top five Senior individuals:

  1. Mady Hillebrand, Coweta Co., 375
  2. Lawton Harris, Morgan Co., 371
  3. Michaela Pollex, Burke Co., 368*
  4. Alice Kirby, Gordon Co., 368*
  5. Will Woodard, Morgan Co., 362

*Ties broken by reason scores

Top five Senior team results:

  1. Morgan Co., 1094
  2. Gordon Co. Team A, 1075
  3.  Coweta Co., 1063
  4. Burke Co., 1061
  5. Gordon Co. Team B, 1007


The first place Senior Team from Morgan Co. has the opportunity to represent Georgia at the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest in Madison, WI.  Morgan County Team members are:  Lawton Harris, Will Woodard, Constance Johnson and James Cagle.  Gordon Co. Team A placed second and their team members are:  Alice Kirby, Brooklyn Carr, Caleb Carr.  Coweta Co. Team members are:  Mady Hillebrand, Audri Crews, Hunter Swartz and Cody Whitlock.


Thank you to Dr. Jillian Bohlen, UGA Extension Specialist-Dairy, Dr. Bill Graves, Retired UGA Extension Dairy Specialist, UGA Dairy Science Club Members and volunteers from the UGA Animal Dairy Science Staff for all of their coordination of the State 4-H Dairy Judging Contests.  Much appreciation to Olivia Browning and Jessica Fife, 4-H Program Specialists, Steve Walker, Georgia 4-H IT Coordinator, Mr. Bobby Smith-NE ANR PDC and Caroline Hinton for their dedication to the program.