• Upcoming Local Events

    I know y’all are soil sampling, selling equipment, buying implements, watching the forecast/rain, making planting choices….etc. On top of your daily routine there’s all these meetings to keep track of. We had a wonderful turnout for this past Mondays Peanut meeting, over 50 people. Will be sending out the info from the meeting soon. SE…

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  • Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas, New Year’s, and holiday season overall! Now in 2020 I want to share the final list of production meetings in and around Crisp Co. Below you’ll find a flyer with meetings listed. Many of y’all will be getting this schedule in the mail too. Please RSVP to each meeting…

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  • For more information about the GWA and/or for the complete schedule of events for the 2020 annual meeting visit this site: https://associationdatabase.com/aws/GWA/pt/sp/convention If you’re interested in attending 2020’s meeting please register here.  Thanks. Best Wishes, Joshua Grant

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  • Our two row crop meetings have been finalized, see below for full Production Meeting Schedule. More details will come at a later date but please RSVP early to help with catering counts. Thanks. Best Wishes, Joshua Grant

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  • With 2020 only 44 days away, our office is working to finalize the suite of production meetings for next year. Here is the schedule thus far, we’ve to set dates for our row crop meetings: Please RSVP for each individual meeting by calling our office at: 229-276-2613. More details to come including catering info and…

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  • Much like the Veggie Economic Guide Dr. Esendugue Greg Fonsah, and other specialists, have published a budgeting tool for fruit and nuts. This guide linked below covers variable costs, break-even prices, and fixed machinery costs for commodities such as pecans, satsumas, watermelons, cantaloupes, etc. More after the jump: https://agecon.uga.edu/content/dam/caes-subsite/ag-econ/documents/extension/publications/2019%20Fruit%20Production%20Guide%20-%20Oct%202019.pdf Thanks. Best Wishes, Joshua Grant

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  • Cordele’s UGA Ag Intern

    Our Crisp Co Extension office was fortunate enough to be allotted one of the 24 UGA internship positions this past summer. All of these internships consisted of students from CAES, ABAC, GA Southern U & others institutions being paired up with an Extension agent for 12 weeks. The greatest advantage participating students walk away with…

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