• Cotton Defoliant Update

    Dr. Camp Hand: “The glaring difference in the past two weeks is going to be the chances of rainfall this week. Below you will find the Defoliation Handout that myself and Dr. Snider put together, which contains rainfree periods for some of the more common defoliants used. The one that sticks out is going to […]

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  • Here’s to hoping the forecasted drier weather sticks around for the sake of our peanut fields, many which have drowned out but are ready to dig, and for cotton that’s battling boll rot. Dr. Bob’s words on extending peanut fungicide programs past 120 days: Chlorothalonil alone as a season-long stand-alone leaf spot material may not […]

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  • Assortment of pictures sent to Dr. Bob end of last week, and yes…all these symptoms can be found in the Crisp Co area right now: Nutritional/Physiological Problem on Corn Stemphylium Leaf Spot on Cotton Areolate Mildew on Cotton Likely Early Leaf Spot on Peanut  Late Leaf Spot on Peanut  Foliar Burn on Peanut  White mold […]

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  • Cotton Foliar Diseases

    Dr. Bob K: “The Big 3 foliar diseases of cotton: target spot, areolate mildew, and bacterial blight, have been found.  While ‘the sky is not falling’, the best management of areolate mildew and target spot is with judicious and timely fungicide applications. I believe yield of cotton can be affected by target spot until the […]

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  • Row Crop Update

    From Doc Bob-K: “We are in the ‘thick of it’ as far as diseases go for corn, peanuts, cotton, and soybeans.  The weather, now the rising temperatures, and the development of the crop are near-perfect for disease development and rapid spread. 1.  Soybean rust confirmed (easily confirmed) in Sentinel Plots (soybeans now, not just kudzu) […]

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  • July Cotton Newsletter

    Halfway through the month, have had some of questions on PGR timing and rates lately. Also a few calls about irrigation as we enter a time when much of our cotton is at peak water usage. Please check out newsletter below covering these topics as well as: insect scouting, weather update, and target spot info. […]

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  • Been watching aphid populations build in cotton steadily for a month or so now. Reports are now coming in that the aphid fugus, Neozygites fresenii, has been spotted. Dr. Philip Roberts, UGA Cotton Entomologist, mentions that this should cause their numbers to crash in his latest “Pest Patrol Update” which can be listened to at […]

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  • UGA Cotton Entomologist, Dr. Phillip Roberts briefly discusses the importance of scouting cotton for boll retention, the level of tarnished plant bugs currently observed in earlier planted fields, and sweep net thresholds in the latest “Pest Patrol” Update (4:07 minute runtime). We want to maintain boll retention at 80% or higher. Thresholds at: 1st two […]

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