Articles in this month’s issue include:

  1. High Abandonment Acres for U.S. Cotton Projected Due to Drought (Yangxuan Liu)
  2. Importance of End of Season Irrigation Termination and Disease Control in Cotton (Bob
    Kemerait, Wesley Porter, David Hall, Jason Mallard)
  3. Weather and Climate outlook for September 2022 and Beyond (Pam Knox)
  4. Late Season Management Considerations for Diseases and Nematodes (Bob Kemerait)
  5. Terminating Insecticide Applications (Phillip Roberts)
  6. Defoliate in a Timely Manner to Manage Silverleaf Whitefly Populations and Preserve Yield and
    Fiber Quality (Phillip Roberts, Camp Hand)
  7. Defoliation Considerations for 2022 (Camp Hand)