Late Leaf Spot and Rust on Peanut, Grady Co, GA, 2022 – Cale Yarbrough
Cylindrocladium Black Rot on Peanut, Madison Co, FL – 2022

Late leaf spot and peanut rust in concert together. Probably too late to do anything in this field, other than to decide if the severity of disease affects digging date.

Brick red-orange fruiting structures (perithecia) at the soil line on pegs and stems and crown- Cylindrocladium black rot on peanut. Can’t do anything to stop this now BUT grower MUST take measures to keep from spreading this gift that keeps on giving to other fields via soil and debris carried on equipment. 


Diplodia Boll Rot in Cotton, Bulloch Co, Ga – 2022
Areolate Mildew in Cotton, Colquitt Co, Ga, 2022 – Jeremy Kichler

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