Blasted many O6G and some 12Y so far, most look on-time (i.e.- 135-150 days for O6 and 145-160 for 12Y). Please let me know if you want peanuts blasted to check maturity.

Cotton Defoliation, Dr. Camp Hand:

“With all of the regrowth we have it will be important to back off of Folex and PPO rates so as not to stick leaves. With the heavy amount of regrowth we probably will need higher rates of thidiazuron (TDZ) to get good kill in the top of that plant and also prevent future regrowth from causing issues. So, the rates I am thinking for this week are 4 oz of TDZ (at least, can go up to 6.4 in a single app), 6 to 8 oz of Folex (tribufos), and 42 oz of Prep (ethephon). If you want to sub a PPO for Folex this week, let’s be thinking LOW. 0.5 oz Aim, 0.75 oz ET. The PPOs need to have an adjuvant in the tank with them according to the label. An adjuvant is not necessary with the standard 3-way mix.”

Peanuts Defoliating and Digging Timing, Dr. Bob Kemerait:

Late Leaf Spot Defoliation in Peanuts, Grady Co, GA 2022 – Cale Yarbrough
Late Leaf Spot Defoliation in Peanuts, Miller Co, GA 2022 – Cody Powell

“Above are pictures of peanuts significantly defoliated by late leaf spot. There is absolutely nothing that can be done now to slow, much less stop, this level of premature defoliation. The primary impact of such disease will be the weakening of the pegs that hold the pods to the limbs. Once defoliation reaches 50% it is time to set a digging date, no matter what the board says (the board likes 10-14 days in Irwin County…..). At this level of leaf loss I believe peanuts must be dug within a week.”

Weather Watch, Irrigation, & Sprays; Camp, Bob, and Dr. Wes Porter:


“From Camp Hand – ‘it’s a long way out and we have no idea where it is going.’  I agree with him, but peanut growers need to watch it carefully. If two or more weeks from harvest, now would be a good time to think about whether or not more fungicide is needed, should we see the storm is approaching us. For most growers, the answer will be ‘no’ regardless of the storm track. For growers where rain may keep them out of a field for a week because of soil type, I might consider it. Bottom line: at this point, watch and wait, but be prepared.”


“While most of our cotton should be done unless it’s a special case of a late planted crop, I would not irrigate cotton anymore.

However, peanuts are another story, If you still have at least 5-7 days before digging I would suggest applying one or more irrigation applications. Our [recent hot-dry] conditions have caused a rapid depletion of our soil moisture, so keep that in mind as we are making final decisions that you will most likely need some more irrigation on your peanuts.”

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