Pictures/text, from/sent to Bob K’s phone:

Areolate mildew – Irwin Co, GA, 2022 – Consultant

Picture of areolate mildew, note the sporulation on the leaves.

Target Spot on cotton – Mitchell Co, Ga, 2022 – Bob Kemerait

Target spot on cotton is severe in some areas of the state and is resulting in severe defoliation. Current conditions perfect for it!

Stemphylium leaf spot on cotton – South Georgia, 2022

Stemphylium leaf spot on cotton showing up now in many areas- a fungicide won’t help. This is a potassium Dr Harris problem that manifests itself as a disease.

White mold on peanut – Laurens Co, Ga, 2022 – Raymond Joyce

Switch to peanut- “bloom” of white mold (stem rot) from Laurens County earlier this week. The white mold in this picture is doing extremely well, conditions are PERFECT.

Chemical burn on Peanut – Echols, Co, Ga, 2022 – Justin Shealey

Likely a burn on the peanuts and not leafspot.  Purplish spots with faded centers.

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