Rome Ethredge: “Corn harvest is going on in a big way now and early reports are of about 210-250 bushel irrigated yields. With the high heat we had this is probably going to be good for this year. I’ve had numerous comments sent to me about ear rots and cob degradation so we need to encourage folks to harvest the corn as quickly as possible for best results.”

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Tar Spot, a disease we first started to recognize late last season, has been found in local fields (see picture below from Sumter Co). Not of concern in corn at maturity but can affect yield if found in later planted fields.

Tar Spot on corn, Sumter Co, GA, 2022 – Bill Starr

Southern Corn Rust – real time map:


Dr. Phillip Robert’s latest “Pest Patrol Update” covering stinkbug, 2nd gen corn earworms, and whitefly numbers (audio recording, 4min09sec):

Aug 2022 UGA Cotton Team Newsletter:

Bacterial Blight on DL 2055, nothing you can do about it now, just to recognize it. Only management is planting resistant varieties.

Bacterial Blight on cotton, Bleckley Co, GA, 2022- Cole Moon
Bacterial Blight on cotton, Bleckley Co, GA, 2022- Cole Moon

Areolate Mildew, becoming more and more common.

Areolate Mildew on cotton, Irwin Co, GA, 2022 – Brandon Philips
Areolate Mildew on cotton, Irwin Co, GA, 2022 – Brandon Philips

Bob K: “Currently there are three fungicides that are tested and recommended for management of target spot and areolate mildew on cotton in Georgia. These include azoxystrobin (Quadris and other products), Priaxor, and Miravis Top.”

Though timing (between 1st week of bloom to a few weeks before harvest) and location in canopy (lower vs upper/mid- canopy) is everything with this disease.


Considerations for the question: “Why is there so much tomato spotted wilt in my peanuts this season?

Bob K:

  • Why is it so bad in my field this year? – Early planted peanuts are likely hit hard in some places. Use of Thimet tended to reduce damage from spotted wilt.
  • Could our warm winter of 2021–2022 have something to do with spotted wilt in peanuts this year? -Yes it could have in several ways- A) did the warm winter affect thrips populations? (A question for Dr Abney). B) did more peanuts get planted early because of warm weather? C) did hot and dry weather early in the season affect vigorous and uniform emergence? Vigorous and uniform emergence helps to reduce risk to tomato spotted wilt.
  • Is Georgia-06G “playing out? – There are more-resistant varieties out now (Peanut Rx) but 06-G is still holding its own with regards to TSWV.


Bermudagrass Stem Maggot (BSM) is out there, have been sweep netting them for weeks. Dr. Lisa Baxter, UGA Forage specialist, is working with the Center for Invasive Species to report/track their populations.

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