Dr. Bob K:

“The two biggest threats to peanut production at this moment are: 1) tomato spotted wilt, for which [we] can do nothing now except watch/learn for next year, and 2) white mold/stem rot – for which [we] need to be aggressive with a good fungicide program. Conditions are PERFECT for white mold, though cooler temperatures and increased chance of rainfall over the next two weeks will also bring on leaf spot.

False White Mold on Peanuts, Coffee Co, GA 2022 – Ashley Smith
White Mold on Peanuts, Wilcox Co, GA 2021 – Consultant

Please note that there is a “false white mold” that occurs in peanut fields, especially where there is conservation tillage.  Caused by the fungus Phanerochaete, false white mold initially looks nearly identical to the REAL white mold, but later becomes more yellowed and with a ‘toothed’ appearance (left-hand picture above). False white mold blankets the peanut limbs but does NOT cause injury.” Damaging white mold (right-hand picture above) produces bb-sized sclerotia, which false white mold does not.

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