UGA Beef Team Tips:

  • Cows, yearlings and calves may need as much as 20% more energy supply when temps drop and/or conditions are wet. Weight loss, reduced gains and poor conception can occur with long enough duration of cold, wet temperatures without proper management changes. 
  • Cows within 60 days postpartum are at highest need for supplementation when forage is sufficient, particularly needing feedstuffs that provide energy such as corn, soy hulls and cottonseed. 
  • Producers that have tested stored forage are at an advantage. When TDN falls below 50%, energy supplementation is needed for all stages of production. 
  • Forage should also be above 7% crude protein. A feedstuff with 12% crude protein will help meet daily requirements. 
  • Feeding in the evening can be helpful to boost body temperature during the colder evenings verses morning feeding. 

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