Here’s to hoping the forecasted drier weather sticks around for the sake of our peanut fields, many which have drowned out but are ready to dig, and for cotton that’s battling boll rot.

Dr. Bob’s words on extending peanut fungicide programs past 120 days:

  • Chlorothalonil alone as a season-long stand-alone leaf spot material may not be enough in a tough year.
  • Tebuconazole + Alto is NOT a great mix for late-season leaf spot control. ¬†Both are same mode of action and alone, or together, are not strong enough to fight the onslaught of late season leaf spot.

Side note – I’m still blasting peanuts for maturity checks, please let me know where I can pull samples or bring them in. – Josh Grant (229)-417-7062

For making cotton defoliation decisions Dr. Camp Hand recently shared this video. Main slides are also shared below.