From Doc Bob-K:

“We are in the ‘thick of it’ as far as diseases go for corn, peanuts, cotton, and soybeans.  The weather, now the rising temperatures, and the development of the crop are near-perfect for disease development and rapid spread.

1.  Soybean rust confirmed (easily confirmed) in Sentinel Plots (soybeans now, not just kudzu) in Tift County and Toombs County (Vidalia Onion and Vegetable REC).

2. Target spot on cotton BELOW (also showing up on soybeans).  Scout your cotton between first week and sixth week of blooms. Priaxor and Miravis Top are best, next best Headline, last best Quadris.

Target Spot on Cotton – Jay, FL, 2021

3. Early leaf spot on peanut is simmering now. Starting to find it in some fields low in the canopy. Like that cigarette but smoldering in the couch cushions they used to worn us about; leaf spot is poised to ignite.  If we do not stop leaf spot diseases now, we may not be able to stop it. Note silver-gray spores on TOP for the picture BELOW of Early Leaf Spot from Tifton.

Target Spot on Peanut – Tifton, GA, 2021

4. A couple pictures showing classic examples of chemical burn and NOT leaf spot on peanut (can usually find a white dot of chemical residue in middle of spot) BELOW.

Chemical burn on Peanut – GA 2021
Chemical burn on Peanut – GA 2021

5. Picture of “false white mold” of peanut (Phanerochaete fungus) from Jeremy in Colquitt County.  Looks dangerous, especially early on, but is harmless.  Note yellowing as it ages.  

False White Mold on Peanut – Jeremy Kichler, Colquitt Co, GA, 2021

6. The “real” white mold/stem rot (Sclerotium rolfsii) sent to me this week by a consultant in Wilcox County pictured BELOW.  The simmering mentioned above for leaf spot goes double for urgency in early control of white mold.

White Mold on Peanut – Wilcox Co, GA, 2021

7. I am confident that southern corn rust is present across much of the state; Andrew Warner sent me pictures of southern rust he found yesterday in South Kakalaki across the Savannah River east of Augusta.  Later planted corn not yet at dent is highly vulnerable. 

Southern Corn Rust – Morgan, Co, GA 2021