Dr. Bob K –

  • “Much of our Corn, peanuts, and soybeans are at growth stages especially vulnerable to diseases.
  • The weather (warm, humid, rain in the forecast) is text-book perfect for development and spread of fungal diseases. Perfect to cause delayed fungicide applications as well.
  • We know southern corn rust and soybean rust and peanut leaf spot are active, as is white mold.

Spraying for Southern Corn Rust – Single mode of action products like tebuconazole, tetraconazole, azoxystrobin and pyraclostrobin are good products for about 2 weeks or so.  Mixed mode of action products are better and last longer.”

In watermelons, continuing rotational sprays for gummy, and possibly downy. Many fields have had their first harvest, which in addition to our wet weather, challenges our ability to stop the progress of any foliar diseases present.

Please give me a call if there’s a field I can put boot prints in and/or with any fungicide related questions.

Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant


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