Been seeing multiple fields with thrips (blurry pic to left-above), upwards of 3-4 per plant. Heavy feeding on the first true leaves will cause crinkling (right pic above) and heavy infestations can lead to to stunted plants/delayed maturity. Threshold for systemic foliar insecticides is 2-3 thrips per plant with immatures present.

Dr. Bob K commenting: “Many of you are familiar with the injury that results when Thimet (see pic above) is used in-furrow on peanuts (yellowing and small spots along the edges of the leaves). Such symptoms are cosmetic injury from use of Thimet and are proof the product is in the plant and doing its job.

Dr. Bob K commenting: “Cale is holding a young peanut plant severely affected by Aspergillus crown rot (pic above). Diagnostic symptoms include 1) rapid wilt of plants SCATTERED in the field, 2) shredded tissue in the crown of the plant, and 3) often, but not always, black, sooty sporulation in the damaged area. With temperatures near 100 over the next week, expect to see more of this. 

Corn: not southern rust yet detected; hot weather is favorable for it.  We are watching. Reports continue of small amounts of Northern corn leaf BLIGHT, but nothing I would treat for. Yet.”

Give me a shout with questions and/or if there’s a field you want me to lay boot tracks in.

– Joshua Grant (229)-417-7062

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