From Dr. Bob Kemerait:

  1.  Rain forecasted for tomorrow, Saturday, across much of southern Georgia will bring cool, wet soils that are perfect for seedling diseases in cotton and peanut.  So, in my opinion, best to wait.  I think Dr. Monfort and Dr. Hand would agree that planting either peanut or cotton under such approaching conditions is risky for more than disease issues as well.
  2. Dr. John Mueller, at Clemson University, added these thoughts: 
    “Bob, you are correct about the nematode damage on corn already.  I am going out now to spend the day chasing those little rascals. I might add this is good time for nematode samples, i.e. about a month old corn.  Soil temps are still low and stubby root, which I believe is much more common on corn than sting or root-knot, is still in the root zone.  As I am sure you have experienced it is difficult to find stubbies in midseason, I think they have migrated down and there is evidence from Florida to support that concept.”
  3. Here are websites for following state-wide and national reports of southern corn rust and soybean rust:

From Shakeena B. Reeves Congressional Intern- Rep Sanford D. Bishop Jr.:

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