2021 trainings are virtual during the dates and times listed below.

Pre-registration is necessary to watch virtually, links below are valid up to 2 hours before training.

“Group Viewing” at your shop can be done with multiple applicators but you need to stop by the Extension office to get a “Group Viewing Form.”

If you do not have access to internet and/or a device to watch, you may come up to the Crisp Co Extension office (masks required) but please RSVP to us (229-276-2612) for one of the dates and times below.

Pesticide License Requirements

Engenia, FeXapan, Tavium, XtendiMax: As mandated by federal law, applicators must have a private or commercial pesticide applicator license to apply these products. Labels specifically state “To be used by certified applicators only; NOT to be used by uncertified persons working under the supervision of a certified applicator, except that uncertified person may transport containers.”

*Anyone with the 2 year dicamba license from 2019: these were set to expire within the next 60 days (at time of writing). THE GDA HAS JUST EXTENDED THESE FOR ONE MORE YEAR. Meaning, in 2022 they will no longer be valid, regardless of CEU’s and auxin applicators will have to get a 5 year private pesticide license to be in compliance as stated above.*

*For full statement, see below.

Additional Resources

For all else, like Dicamba labels and record keeping, please visit the GDA Auxin webpage here:

Please call me (229-417-7062) with questions, I want to make all this info clear and available.

Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant

*Dicamba applicator certified license update (Jennifer Wren, Georgia Department of Agriculture; Stanley Culpepper, UGA). During 2019, UGA Extension and the Department of Agriculture provided a one-time opportunity to obtain a two-year license allowing those individuals without a traditional certified applicators license to legally apply Engenia, XtendiMax, and Tavium only. These individuals were trained and tested in-person prior to receiving their licenses. Nearly all of those licenses are expiring during the next 60 days.
A one-time, one year extension to those specific licenses is being granted. To be very clear, only those individuals with that specific license (category 10 – applicator is limited to purchasing dicamba restricted use pesticide products only) is being extended due to its short 2-year time frame. These licenses will expire early in 2022 and WILL NOT be extended regardless of credit hours obtained. Also, this license does NOT fulfill the requirements found on the new paraquat label or on any other restricted use pesticide label.

Applicators with this license or applicators without a license are encouraged get a private pesticide applicator license* as soon as possible.

Anyone who applies Engenia, Tavium, or XtendiMax must attend a Using Pesticides Wisely training in 2021 regardless of license status! NO EXCEPTIONS!

*For those seeking certification as a private pesticide applicator:
Initial certification to become a certified private pesticide applicator requires the completion of an interactive, online Private Applicator training program administered by University of Georgia Extension ( The online training and testing requires a total time commitment of approximately 4-5 hours and a $25 fee. Applicants MUST be able to read and understand a label.