We’re all eyeing the forecasted lows for tomorrow and Friday night as many a bulk of watermelon transplants rest in fields this pre-Easter week.

Pam Knox, UGA Ag Climatologist, mentions in a recent article that much can fluctuate between now and Friday saying: “Frost is a tricky thing to forecast….check your local forecasts to get the most current information, and keep in mind that frost can also vary on very small scales with the rises and dips in the local terrain. One forecast for the possible temperature distribution on Friday morning is shown below. I have seen other maps which bring the freezing line a little farther south than this one, especially in North Carolina. Once this passes, I don’t see another cold outbreak coming, so this could be the last frost for this spring for the southern part of our region.”

Here’s a link to Pam’s article: https://site.extension.uga.edu/climate/2021/03/chance-of-frost-for-many-parts-of-region-on-friday-morning/

At the time of writing, I’m seeing 34 degrees F for both tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday nights.

At this time, I’d take a transplanting break till the the weekend and possibly look into any frost protecting measures you’re comfortable with if you’ve transplanted watermelon seedlings over the last few days.

Other than tucking plants under plastic, can be 2 degrees F warmer under black mulch, others are opting to spray cold/frost protectants, while others will ride it out. Here’s a UGA Publication discussing more info about cold/frost protection: https://secure.caes.uga.edu/extension/publications/files/pdf/B%201479_1.PDF

If you have any questions please reach out to me at: (229)-417-7062.

Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant