Yes, the Crisp Extension office is still open (by appointment only though). The COVID situation is serious, everyones’ health and well-being are our top priority. That said, Ag as not ceased and I will continue to preform site-visits and process soil/water samples for as long as county and UGA officials permit it. Samples are being handled differently to reduce contact with clients and for a list of what the lab in Athens is still processing please see list of analyses below. Sample results will take additional time due to the lab operating with less help and modified hours.

  • W1: Basic Water Test
  • W2: GA Expanded Water Test
  • W24: Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • W33: GA – Certification for Drinking Water Providers
  • W33B: Home Loan Closing – no rush service
  • W33C: Dept. of Public Health: Private Well Chemical Test
  • W35: Total Coliform / E. coli (Colilert)
  • F1: Hays and Silage (NIR + nitrate + minerals)
  • F2: Hays and Silage (NIR + nitrate, excluding minerals)
  • F3: Hays and Silage (NIR only)
  • S1: Routine Soil Test
  • P1: Basic Plant Test

Also assisting many with their GDA Farm Recovery Block Grant applications, which are currently due April 8th. To set-up an appointment please call my cell or the office at (229)-276-2612. Below is a UGA Memo describing our response to the current virus situation:

Open for Business Letter Memo

State & Nationally:

This is late from me but a note from Dr. Serinna Liu, UGA Assistant Professor in Ag & Applied Econ, on low cotton prices:

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency announces the weekly average adjusted world price (AWP) and loan deficiency payment (LDP) rate every Thursday in the Upland Cotton Announcement. The low cotton prices recently have triggered the LDP for cotton. Producers are highly recommended to follow closely to the Upland Cotton Announcement for the updated value of LDP.

The AWP on the March 26, 2020 announcement was 44.99 cents per pound. The LDP rate of 7.01 cents per pound is available from March 27 through April 2. The LDP rate is the difference between the base loan rate of 52.00 cents and the AWP. If taking the LDP, the producer should be aware that there is no further protection from prices going even lower. Producers can wait until April 1 or April 2 to see what the prices hold for this week. If a producer is willing to take the risk and feels that cotton prices are going to improve, then the producer could take the LDP and market the cotton later.”

A note from Dr. Lee Jones, UGA Associate Professor for Beef Systems & Service Vet, on livestock vet services and UGA Diagnostic Labs during these trying times:

“The Athens and Tifton Diagnostic Labs are still open for business though with some restrictions. As well, those of us in the UGA CVM Food Animal Health Management group in Tifton and Athens are also available for emergency services for farmers who might have problems accessing veterinary care for their livestock. Farmers can call my office 229-386-3348, I am still available for farms calls if needed and we can admit samples or animals for necropsy. Herd work must continue but must do so safely. It is a great time to remind farmers about biosecurity.

Below is a UI Extension publication about working safety in cattle herds in response to COVID.

COVID Cattle Recommendations

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