Driving down to Tifton this morning to deliver a steer for processing I saw that the majority of fields off 41 had been tilled/disc-ed. Field prep is well underway in Crisp and surrounding counties.

Also, pigweed seedlings have begun to emerge in spots like in this picture below from the UGA Ponder Farm (Ty Ty).

March 19, 2020

Lastly I’ve received a few phone calls about variety selection on peanuts and cotton over the last two weeks. So below are some resources for both land prep/weed control and variety selection.

State Wide Variety Trials (Cotton) website: https://swvt.uga.edu/summer-crops/cotton.html

2019 Cotton, Peanut, and Tobacco Variety Trial Data (starts with peanut and cotton begins on page 10): 2019 Variety Trial Data – C,P,T

2020 Pigweed Control in Cotton: 2020 Cotton – Pigweed Control

2020 Weed Control in Peanut, Corn, and Soybean: 2020-Peanut-Corn-Soy-Weed Control

On cotton I’ve been discussing most about the Delta Pine varieties like 1646, 1840, and 1851. If you have any questions about these other lines just give me a shout (229)-417-7062.

Thanks and be safe y’all.

Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant