Cogongrass infestation in young pine stand. Photo Credit: Mark Atwater

Outside of the tremendous amount of rain keeping most out of their fields, early spring herbicide spraying might be approaching for some with planted pines…especially young establishments.

From Dr. David Dickens, UGA Forest Productivity Professor:

“We are starting to get calls on applying herbicides over the top of planted pines and if we have a warm late winter – early spring spraying in So GA may start in mid- to late March. Most years over the top herbicide spraying in So GA should be finished by mid-April and in the Piedmont by early May.”

Dickens also Reminds:

“Do not apply Oustar (or Oust+velpar) if soil pH >6.1, do not apply even low doses (10 oz/ac) ofOustar (or Oust+velpar) or Arsenal (4 oz/ac) over longleaf within 2 months of planting (we have found in 4 studies as 25 percentage point reduction in survival when either are applied within 2 months of planting), remember how hot and dry May 2019 was – when using soil active herbicides like Oustar, velpar and Arsenal be very hesitant of recommending these when we are drought period. Best to get these soil active herbicides out prior to a drought spell.”

Below are links to publications from UF and UGA discussing herbaceous weed control in the most common planted pine species:





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