We are awaiting a final decision from the EPA as to if GA applicators who attended a UPW training in 2019 will need to attend one of the trainings in 2020. Two plans/schedules, have been made: Plan A with fewer meetings where only applicators, of the new auxin technology, who didn’t get trained last year need to attend; Plan B (in which everyone in GA wanting to apply the new auxins needs to get retrained) with more meetings. Which plan that becomes implemented will depend on EPA’s decision.

Full description in the document below, hot off the press:

Here’s a link to the above two page document as a pdf: UPW training locations for 2020 – Feb 14

As more information is made available I’ll let ya’ll know. Certainly once the EPA makes its final decision, between now and March 4th, I’ll let y’all know.

In the meantime please give me a shout with any questions @ (229)-417-7062.

Thanks for your patience during this uncertain process.

Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant