Excerpt from weekly report below, report in its entirety here: https://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/fvwtvpcn.pdf

Prices paid to growers (late afternoon November 7, 2019 through late afternoon November 12, 2019) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B.
the orchard including direct sales to end users, cents per pound in-shell of generally good quality in lots of 20,000 pounds or less unless
otherwise stated.

Cape Fear (deliveries very light) 47-48% meat yield 170-180, yard tree lots 125
Desirables (deliveries light) export quality 50-52% meat yield 225-235, yard tree lots 145-170 mostly 150
Elliott (deliveries very light) yard tree lots 150
Natives/Seedlings (deliveries light) machine harvested 46% meat yield 115, yard tree lots 75-85
Moneymakers (deliveries very light) 42% or better meat yield 90-108, yard tree lots 70-80
Stuart (deliveries light) yard tree lots 115-125
Sumner (deliveries very light) 50-53% meat yield 200-225

Lots over 20,000 pounds including truckloads:

Cape Fear (deliveries very light) 52-53% meat yield 200 45-48% meat yield 170-190
Desirables (deliveries light) export quality (41-48 nut count) 50-52% meat yield 225-236, 48% meat yield 217-225
Moneymakers (deliveries light) 42-45% meat yield 90-108
Schley (deliveries light) (60-70 nut count) 56-59% meat yield 201-207
Stuart (deliveries light) 46-48% meat yield 185-200 occasional higher
Sumner (deliveries light) 52-55% meat yield 200-236

Lastly, here is the Pecan Price List website with shelled and in-shell estimates by variety: https://pecanreport.com/price-list/

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